The Light Beyond The Dark

There's been times in life when destruction's fed on my breath
And darkness seemed to be my only friend
When I thought I hit rock bottom
And I was finally closing up with the end

When I think back now
I realize it was all despair
A scream for care
The need of fresh air
The need for lilies and for notes
For once a romantic happy end
But it's because I've figured it out
That in poems this message I send

It is truly when you realize
-Your life belongs to you
That you can spend it as you like
Watching movies, skyes or dew
And it is truly a matter of ignorrance
Only caring about yourself
A part of the american arrogance
-Putting 'Helping others' on the shelf

It is the ones who care
That will take the hardest blow
We who struggle with every minuite
Who do not let time flow

I know not about others
But you will understand what it is I mean
And when the time comes
At least our conscious will be clean

My mission in life is simple, black on white
I have my point of view, me you cannot fright
I will never my opinions hide
I will stay proud, but never satisfied

by Old Teenage Poems

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Comments (2)

amazing composure - taut and well -worded - brave, purposeful, clear - hats off to you, my friend
Fantastic job, really a brilliant piece of work...very inspired. I believe that someday you will do very well for yourself, regardless of that which you choose to be. I am very proud to call you 'friend.'