The Light Fades Away

My fears begin as the light slowly fades away
Those tormenting thoughts take over my mind
I try not to think, not to listen, to go numb
My body won’t give into the silence that surrounds
The light is completely gone now, I feel them there
I can hear their slow shallow breathing all around me

Even with my eyes closed I sense they’re here
Slowly creeping towards me, closing in on me
I panic and want to scream but I don’t dare
That’s what they want, I won’t let them win
Intense pain washes over my body, I try not to scream
It feels like thousands of knives are cutting deep into me

I feel their cold icy hands tighten their grip on my arm
I know it won’t be long now, soon it will be over
The first blow leaves me stunned, I freeze
Then the second one, it brings me back to reality
I try to clear my mind of all thoughts, try to forget
The less I think the less I feel the better it is

I am lying here on the floor, finally it’s over
Their footsteps echo throughout the empty room
My face is bleeding; I am bruised all over, damaged
Silently I lie here thinking, I start to cry
The tears sting the cuts on my face, I don’t move
I don’t understand them or their abuse, I never will

I should be glad that I’m alive but I’m not
I wish they had of killed me, ended this hell
Trapped in a world of hate wishing for an escape
The darkness begins to lift, my anger stays
I know they will be back again once the light ends
Until then I must wait, enjoy the minutes, seconds of freedom.

by Kristy Laking

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