The Light Of Deity...

Where were you when the Maple trees died?
Where were you when their leaves fell and dried?
Where were you when Nature's Mother's just sighed,
With a wink and smile to Autunns beguile.

Yes, I know, You were there, I believe, I'll attest
Even trees need a stretch of a long winters rest.
And, You knew all of this, before You dropped Your kiss-
O'er the clouds and the Sun, and so much more than this,
before the air, mornings dew, the breeze that cools its mist,
before you sent your only Son to carry out His sacrifice
that began a chain of Renaissance from Resurrections light.
You were there, You are here... Your presence always be
Because that's what God does....He's the Light of Diety.


by Frank James Ryan Jr (FjR)

Comments (19)

i enjoy your was a very beautiful poem
it was a very very very beautiful poem.thanks for shairing...10+++
it was a very very very beautiful poem
What a beautiful poem, I agree he is everywhere. In nature, in the sky, in human creation. Lovely read.
God sows into all of the amazing cycles of life the sweet whisper of Resurrection. A beautiful poem, good sir. Well done, I look forward to reading more! Neal :)
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