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A Warrior

O, a warrior, O, a warrior, O, a warrior
Fighting with bravery and strenuous will
despite with a deeply wound bleed and tissue scars
Facing with a surpass of risk task
Through the hardship of battle field
where great sacrifices were made
with untold legacy story behind
O, a warrior, O, a warrior, O, a warrior
An unsung hero we call that
feel indebted with the respect of
patriotism and inspiration
that pay great tribute to
With an unselfishness act and contribution made
That we praise for his courageous and honor
To celebrate for his victory
And mourn for his loss
for he has put other needs before his
And beyond his own

by Hanh Chau

Comments (2)

Simply splendid, dear Ma'am Hanh.....10+++++++++++++++
Well written, Hanh Chau. You may like to read my poem, Love And Iust. Thank you.