The Light Wains As Darkness Reigns.

Happiness I no longer feel
The sorrow inside I try to conceal.
My heart feels like it's split in twain
even though my love was in vein.

Now bleak sadness fills my eyes
while I lie down and wait to die.
Emptiness, anger, jealousy, grief
I spent so much time with a bitter belief.

Resentment toward you has all but faded
as all my thoughts and actions have been shaded
With a thought of nothing but sorrow
All I can do is wait for tomorrow.

Then during the night I wake up sweating
lost in my panick and nearly forgetting.
It was only a dream and I find you lying right there
and right at that moment I thank God with a prayer.

by Joshua Wilamowski

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Joshy! Mr. Cool! Its wonderful, I luff it! ! ! ! <33, Kaffwin =D