ACS (December 6 / New York)

The Lighthouse

One hazy day on the beach
I took a walk
wanted to watch the waves, move to and fro

From a distance, I saw a Lighthouse
Standing tall amidst the sea,
got so busy in my thoughts and sorrows
i didn't notice a ship out to sea

A ship, asea sinking
just like me
sinking deeper and deeper in it's sorrow
jI began to wonder,
Cold that ship be lost,
looking for direction
Just like me,
Just like me

As the lighthouse light shined brightly
with waves hiting it with such strength
Rocking the ship back and forth
trying to steer it in the right direction
A brighter light appeared over the Lighthouse
a warning light,
i stumbled, I could not get my grip in the sand

As with the ship
the fury of the sea
i was hit hard and fell back upon the sand
my feet still buried deeply
to keep me in place with my fall

I turned around, looked all around me
I knew It was you
there you were
Arms, extended, but not visible
A feeling of warmth engulfed me

The hazy day, that began my day
was that no more,
A sunny day now
whatever it was, Lord,
I reliezed you are my highest power
You were the lighthouse
when I was sinking
you gave me all the direction I needed.

Just like me, a lost ship, looking for direction

I begain to wonder if that lighthouse was always there
Was it steering his ships into the right direction,
Just like God shined his light for me
Bringing his tiny vessel, which was me
Into the light

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