(June 24,1961 / Naga City)

The Lighthouse

Stormy wind and stormy nights
blending the days destroying amber;
Hurting every bit of squawls
squeezing every swirling waves
as the sea mounted an advance
this simple light beyond
invites my stead to go near hand.
I swing every strength
courted every minute's swell
maneuvering every splurting water
above and even underneath
as I swam to a tiny lead I see.
Oh inspiration swell in desperation
as I hang out from a blowing twirl
my last breathe cut off temporarily
going beyond it till a hand clasp's felt,
caught me off my deep blue sea.
Oh lighthouse, yes, it's you I remember!
Your light have swam a million miles
reaching out a berthing of life;
Your hands cling a respite, my last breath,
as you gave me life beyond
my desperate swirling deathly reach.

by Gil Gregorio

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