LJM (1977- / Orlando, Florida)

The Lighthouse Of The Lord

I gave the world my son,
and he laid down his life for it.

Even so it goes on turning unaware,
of its creator's rupturing despair,

Gather together in the lighthouse of the Lord,
and direct the ships lost at sea...

My children you must bring them ashore...
lead them, encourage them and show the the way.

As one body, be a compass...
Guide them North, show them that my way is the only way.

Let the lighthouse of the Lord be a beacon,
as it shines brightly in my name.

Let it glow as it shimmers through the deep waters,

Beckoning my lost children at sea.

'I am The Lord, Your God... Abide in me and noone else,
and you have my word that you shall prevail! '

They cry 'Holy...is The Lord our God! '
As they joyously gather in my name!


Your God, Almighty

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