The Likeness Of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is liken unto a rose
Whose pedals shine glimmering and bright.
But whatever beauty it holds
Is only seen with the vision of sight.
Which doesn't make the rose complete
For the smell of the rose
Not the sight you behold
That! determines if the rose is sweet.

Thanksgiving is liken unto a friend
Whose smile may always be sweet.
But its whats inside which the body hides
That tells if their life is complete.
This is not seen from the outside in
But its the beauty that you spread
And the cheerfulness that you send
That! determines if you are a friend.

Thanksgiving is liken unto the Lord
For He's there for my every retreat.
He trust me to depend on Him
Forever I'll be at His feet.
For He is my Lord, my Savior, my Friend
I give to others I go where He sends.
I obey and honor Him so glad and so free
That! determines His need in me.

by Cecelia Weir

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