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The Lily
HH (12/14/1974 / Siloam Spirings, AR)

The Lily

Poem By Heath Harrington

Among the grasses, weeds, and trees a new green sprout
Grows. She is mocked by the crowding grass for being
Ordinary. Just like all the other green shoots and sprigs
Of the field, green and slender, but she keeps growing,
Growing for the sky. Soon she stands above the weeds,
Her peers, jealous weeds pull at her stalk trying to drag her
Down and drowned her out, but she's strong and graceful.
And Now she blooms.
A pure white blossom, a Lily, beautiful among all the field.
Her petals are smooth and unblemished.
Her fragrance dances over the field delighting all.
This Lily shines like a star against the field of Green and ordinary.
She was never ordinary. Only fooled into thinking so.
Two others exist such as this,
A Lotus and a Rose.
Yet the Lily is uniquely beautiful in its own way.
She tries to hide her natural purity and innocence,
But they are the symbols of her true beauty and mark
Her uniqueness. Beware Lily of the field weeds take
Many forms and they will keeping growing around you.

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clearly my favourite flower....there is a great message in here...nice work