(20 August 1881 - 5 August 1959 / Birmingham / England)

You Don'T Know

You don't know me so
stop pretending to

My life is hard so stop
pestering me with your
unnecessary yelling

I am almost at the edge
so stop pushing me closer

My heart is heavy so stop
adding weight to it

Stop telling me my wrongs
and start telling me my rights

My body shakes with fear so
stop frightening me

Stop hurting me and start
healing me

My head aches so stop
calling me names

Stop adding more bruises
to the ones i already have

My feet hurt so stop
pushing me down

Stop pushing me down
and start pulling me up

My body is hot with anger
so cool me down

Stop throwing me and start
catching me

My eyes are dry and swollen
from crying so stop making
me cry

Don't tell me i lie when I am

My legs are heavy from holding
myself up so put me on your
shoulders and tell me you love

Don't question me when I
change my style

My soul is breaking so stop
making me the cause of all
the trouble

so please stop

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