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The Linden Trees

Some moments in time make one want to linger
because they are delicious yet untouchable
Moments picked and kept safe in their sweetness

I am not jealous of my friend's farmhouse which sits
unpretentiously on top of a hill far away from fray
she has everything she needs - she has The Linden Trees

I mean to tell her, 'No one can claim these trees.'
They don't belong to her or me or the city. They belong
to the orchard: ripe, filled with cherry, apple and pear.

They stand, those Linden Trees, outside of the aromatic
fruit trees, lined up like sentinels on their military watch.
And, in the spring and early summer they bloom with
heart-shaped leaves and yellow flowers just to let us know
they have a sense of motherhood.

The Linden Trees protect the bunny, the squirrel, the deer,
and the fox and allow them to enjoy the fruits from the
orchard trees.

I sit, smell, watch in devotion of these Linden Trees
and I am in homage to those more communed in a world
that is far from strife - a world no human should ever touch.

These Linden Trees bloom and protect in harmony
with a purpose unroofed and sublime.

(Anne B. Grote 3/25/08)

by Anne Grote

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