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The Line Between Evil

It's not my flesh that I nourish,
nor the blood that runs in my veins
It's not my thoughts that I flourish
but the love in my heart to remain.
It's not my eyes that I lavish,
to absorb all the beauty and charm;
but to share my love and devotion,
and to cause not anyone harm.
What good is the heart without feelings,
what good is the blood that runs cold?
But the feelings that's warm and tender,
is by far more precious than gold.
What good is the eyes that is evil,
what good are the eyes that have sinned?
but the heart that's pure and devoted,
may his soul be truly redeemed.
If my blood is still within me, my flesh,
my thoughts all in one;
I'll draw a line between me and evil,
to Heaven I'll be, when I'm gone...

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