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The Lion And A Stork
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The Lion And A Stork

Poem By Shmuel Shoshani

A Lion in a jungle a prey had for a meal,
a bone stuck in his throat and
was miserable with pain and sad.

A roar, as high as he could,
in jungle the unfortunate lion roared;
A prize will be given to one.
who from my throat will pull a bone.

There, flew a stork with a beak very long,
down through lion's mouth her head she pushed alone.
from the throat of lion she pulled the bone.

For a prize she waited long
At last the stork became brave
from the lion a prize she called;

O king Lion my prize please extend
I relieved you from pain and bone
with my beak that is long.

Fly to jungle dear stork, said the Lion
you are allowed to declare in loud voice;
in King Lion's mouth
you had your stupid head and nose.

Your prize: is that alive from my throat,
out you got alone.

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