Today... 'The Good Shepherd'

The ninety and nine in the fold safely lay
But this one sheep had foolishly gone astray
And as he lay bleating all lost and afraid
The Good Shepherd heard his cry and came to his aid

All through the wilderness the Good Shepherd went
To seek and save the lost sheep was His intent
Fierce ravening wolves pursued Him all the way
and the thorns tore His flesh throughout that day.

All through the night he toiled and did not sleep
For he was determined to rescue and save His lost sheep
Even though in Gethsemane drops of blood He sweat
He would not be dissuaded from the pathway set

And when He came to Golgotha's steep Hill
He did not hesitate but He carried on still
Onward and upward He went to be crucified
And there on the cross for His sheep He died

Stricken and smitten of God was He
And by His stripes I have been set free
The price of my sins by His blood he paid
And all my iniquity upon Him was laid

The Bulls of Bashan tore at His side
And the gates of death were opened wide
He entered Death and Hades to pay the price
Offering His body as the perfect sacrifice

Deep wounds in His hands and feet he bore
Head torn by the crown of thorns He wore
Alone He suffered thirsty and bleeding
As there for His sheep He was interceding

Lesser shepherds and hireling would have fled
But He stood firm and for His sheep He bled
Enduring such suffering in order to save
This poor lost sheep from Hell and the grave

He lifted me out of the miry clay
and upon His shoulders I gently lay
Brought me into the security of the pen
right through the vale of death to heaven.

(additional background information is provided in the Poem's story box below)

by Roy Allen

Comments (13)

Quite an amusing poem. By the way, I will take care in a similar situation. Thanks a lot.
The poem is pure amusement but beautifully penned.
Attack of lion is symbolized but poet has humorously spoken many things here. This is a brilliant poem shared here..10
You have to love his humour.
A nice sense of humour in a beautiful poem. Thanks poet.
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