The Little Girl

For anyone who has experienced trouble in finding out who they really are and accepting it.

A little girl sits and cries,
While all the other kids play,
But when I tried to talk to her,
She had nothing to say.
She stares at all the other children,
A tear runs down her cheek,
Her heart is tired from feeling pain,
Her soul becoming weak.
Then she walks into the distance,
Until I can see her no more,
Trying to squint to watch her go,
My eyes start getting sore.
A few years later I saw her again,
Her eyes now have a glow,
Although she seems totally fine,
Her heart is still moving slow.
Again she walks off in the distance,
But at a faster pace,
As if she was in a marathon,
And trying to win the race.
Years go by and still no sight,
Of a girls that I once knew,
Who sat in a corner and started to cry,
And made me start crying too.
Then one day I spotted her,
Her face gleamed with joy,
Thank God she has found happiness,
Her sadness she destroyed.
But as I glanced over at her,
A tear fell down her cheek,
Her heart went limp once again,
Her sould became so weak.
I just wanted to give her a hug,
And tell her everything was alright,
But by the time I got the nerve,
She was out of sight.
Then I realized something strange,
That I could never see,
That small girl I watched grow up,
All that time was me.

by Alexandra Franczak

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Bravo Bravo, very deep I really like this one...Walla its so good, Bro.