The Little Girl's Prayer

Please send me a fluffy angel to watch me when I sleep!
I know he'd be invisible, but it would help a heap!
Soft snowy wings just like a dove's, all shiny, glistening bright!
To prove to me how much God loves and cares for me each night!
It's not that I'm a scaredy cat, afraid to close my eyes!
I'm not a sad, precocious brat with tantrums, pouts and sighs!
I'm just a little girl who reads my Bible every day -
Who tries to do some noble deeds for folks along the way!
Please send me my fluffy angel - it's not too much to ask!
Ah, go on, I'm sure You're able! It's not too hard a task!
My noble spirit and my friend who'd stand nearby till dawn,
Till sacred night comes to an end and I wake up and yawn...
He'd be my angel, mine alone! My guardian while I dream!
A righteous dude to whom I'm known because I'm on God's team!

by Denis Martindale

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