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The Little I Have Left Will Be Taken Away

boiling up within
rising to a new level

invading every piece of me
spreading from within

this beast
over ridding all the control i have
i know i need to fight this
but i have nothing left within me

all my energy is gone
for i have not slept one full night in over a month
my mind refuse to stop
all it does is over worry

over think
over process everything
damn my mind will not stop
what am i to do

i can feel my control slipping away
but i have no way to release it
for i have tried all releases that i have used and nothing works
i need to release this before i lose all control

before it becomes me
it has already started
for the beast within
interrupts every though i have

invades every moment of my life
it will soon have total control
it will soon have me
all of me
if i do not fight

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