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The Little Mariner
OE ((-) / )

The Little Mariner

Spotlight a

SCENE ONE: Open-air court in the ancient city of Athens. The accused arrive
and proceed among curses and cries of Death! Death!

SCENE TWO: A jail in the same city, beneath the Acropolis, walls half-eaten by
dampness. On the ground, a miserly straw mat and in the corner,
an earthenware jar of water. On the outside wall, a shadow: the

SCENE THREE: Constantinople. In the harem of the Holy Place, in candlelight,
the Queen throws a pouch of gold coins to the Head Eunuch
who bows and looks at her significantly. By the open door, his
men at the ready.

SCENE FOUR: Drawing room of a large Monastery. Oblong table, the abbot at
its head. Sweaty monks come and go bringing news: a crowd
spills into the streets, setting fires, destroying everything.

SCENE FIVE: Nauplio. Greek and Bavarian officers outside the King's quarters
converse in low tones. A messenger takes the dispatch and heads
toward the steps that lead on high to Palamidi.

SCENE SIX: In front of an old and empty lot in contemporary Athens, a
crowd, motley with priests and bishops, gathers to cast a stone,
"the stone of anathema."

SCENE SEVEN: Low buildings of EAT/ESA. In the courtyard, drunken soldiers.
Braying and lewd posturing. The officer leaving some cell says
something to the military doctor. Behind them thuds and cries
are heard.

Translated by Olga Broumas

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