The Little Mermaid

While walking the lonely shore one day.
Something caught my wandering eye.
Among the flotsam and jetsam it lay.
A small pebble more bright than an Azure Blue sky.

I wondered from where the jewel had come.
My thoughts all that night were in vain.
Then I remembered of old a story was told.
Of a little Mermaid Queen of the Bay.

She had worn on her finger a stone of bright blue.
Which shone in the Moon-lit Bay.
Guiding ships safely through dangers anew.
And sailors from perilous Seas.

I heard the sobs and heart-rending sighs.
From a rock off the beach where she lay.
I can never forget the sound of her cries.
Or the tears in her eyes that day.

If I had a wish that would ever come true.
I'd wipe all her tears away.
And give her the beautiful Sapphire of Blue.
From the shore of Old Galway Bay.

by John Murphy

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how wonderful, enchanting. x. tell me, is this from a real local story or purely from your own vivid imagination? i have a mer tale too, it's called ODE TO WATER LILY. best wishes, well done.