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The Little Negro's Plea
MLN ( / Freistatt, MO)

The Little Negro's Plea

Poem By Marney L. Norwood

Jesus laying in dat crib
Is yo' dere so's ah can lib
Ober dere de white folks say
Ah is made of hard black clay.
But down de street de fadder say
Ah is just as good as dey.
Me mudder and me fadder died
With me just tree years old.
Ah wonder if yo'd play with me
Ah'll be just as good as gold.
All ah gots some jam and bread
Ah's gwine to gibs it all to you instead
Please 'cetp dis marble too
See! ah gibs it all to you
Maybe ah could bounce you ball
Gee! but you're so very small
Take the world and all dat's in it.
Yo' made dat in just one minute.

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