The Little Old Man In The Boot

Poem By Teresa Macaulay

There was an old man who lived in a boot
He had no family, he just had a flute
He played it all day, and he played it all night,
He woke up the neighbors, that just wasn't right.

The neighbors, they shut all their windows and doors,
They just couldn't stand to hear anymore
He was so alone most of his life
He never had children, or even a wife.

They asked him to leave, and move out of town
He's been so many places; he's been all around
He decided he better throw out his flute
Now he had nothing, just him and his boot.

The little old lady who lived in the shoe
Had so many children she didn't know what to do
She couldn't get her children at night to settle down
They missed hearing the old man and his musical sound.

I must take a walk to see the old man
We must have a talk, he must understand
I am the old lady who lives in the shoe
The one with all the children; the ones that miss you.

The children won't sleep without your sweet sound
Please, we don't want you to move out of town
I brought you a flute, I know it's not new
But the way that you play, I'm sure it will do.

Come move your boot down by my shoe,
And play your flute, because we love you
The old man was so happy, that he started to cry
"I finally have a family, oh my, oh my."

So the little old lady moved to his boot
And the little old man taught them all how to play the flute
So they practiced and practiced every day
And before long, they formed their own parade.

Everyone in town opened their windows and doors
So they could hear and see a little bit more
Their musical sound gave peace and joy
To every adult, little girl and boy.

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