The Little Sister I Miss

I havent seen you in so long it hurts
you used to be the little one that got on my nerves
the little one that followed me around
but the little one that never kept me down
the little one that always wobbled to my side
and comfotly replied
(she sha) you alright?
yes im fine shilah is wat i would say
you'd give me a big hug
and everything would be okay
i havent seen you in wat seems to feel like years
and rite now
i'd give anything to have you here
anything to have you by my side
and nothing or no one
can stop the tears i need to cry
i wanted to chyll with my frends
and if i knew now what i wish i woulda knew then
i woulda spent every moment wit you
i just never thought that i wouldn't have you
never thought i'd never see you again
and it hurts cus not only are you my sister
but you are my bestfriend
and you mean the world to me
i was so blinded by being a teenager
i couldn't see
no one would ever think
that they'd never see their sister again
they just think that time will always be there to spend
but thats not the case
and now as i sit here and write
i wipe the tears from my face
you were truly a blessing in this world
and you are such a beautiful and incredible little girl
i love you to death
we are blood
i''m all the fam you have left
and i will be there
if GOD allows it
sooner then you know it
i'll be there
im trying
and i'm crying
cus inside im dying
cus i don't have you
and i feel as if i'm losing you
every day im away from you
i feel like i am losing you
i feel like you are living your new life witout me
and i'm happy you are with a good family
but i'm your sister
and no one could ever be
what we are
cause blood is thicker then water
and that's wat we are
we share the same blood
and i wont ever give up
cause one way or another
we will meet again
i'm so sorry how things have happened
and i love you all the way to the end
i miss you little sister
i love you my bestfriend

by Shilesha Johnson

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Oh... i am speachless! i cried so much while reading this... it had me going from start to end. i can relate very closely to this- you have just touched my heart!
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