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The Little Things
RAS (18-1-1995 / egypt, cairo)

The Little Things

Poem By Raghda Ashraf Soliman

The Little things matter the most right?
From a simple text msg to a 'GOOD NIGHT'
Here's to the counting down on birthdays
To the mess u get in with surprises ‘sprays
Here's to a one who calls u out of the blue
To simply just tell you 'I miss you'
Here's to a recipe you have made
which your mum finds it really great
Here's to a friendly orphan smile
That will make your day for a long while
Here's to those sudden no benefit 'Hi'
Without hidden struggles or any 'why'
Here's to an old photo that holds a lot
and will give u this rushing delight shot
Here's to the 'You have lost weight'
That for girls is a real happiness gate
here's to an unexpected good grade
that u have been for afraid
here's to a pure relieved pray
with all ur wishes u in say
here's to a rescuing day off
that could have really been so tough
here's to an afternoon walk
with a best-friend and much talk
here's to the now & then greetings
that is the main cause of some meetings
here's to all these little things
that give our life soundtrack rings

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The Little things matter the most right? I mis you, Good night, orphan smile, an old photo, you have lost weight, much talk, greetings now and then … All these little things make your life worthwhile. Actually they are not little things. they are really great things in our lives. Life will teach you that. now you are sooo young. All these seemingly little things make life joyful. thank you