The Little Things

The little things you never did
The kind words you never said
How can one love you unconditionally?
You hurt them with the things you say
You sit back and wonder why I stray
Did you ever once give me a reason to stay
No kind words, no loving embrace
Not even a kiss or a passing gaze
No talking, caressing, or even a chance
To show you my love with a fingers touch
Sitting in a room with a stranger
Not knowing you anymore
Yet, I still long to love, that man inside
If only he wasn't such a fool
How long did you expect me to be
A prosioner in this house
No friends, no companions, no loving embrace
To hold my head down in disgrace
From the words that hurt so much
From the man that I once loved
You took my love for granted
Expected it always to be there
I was so emotionally beaten
Never any kind words to hear
I've now decided, I deserve better than this
I've found the strength from within
I found my strength, I am walking out
Sorry to see you frown
You should have showed me the little things
You forgot to all along

by jeannie schmidt

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Amazing what a broken heart can bring out in someone