The Living Decide Who To Remember

Poem By Ray Hansell

Do you think that you'll forget me?
When I'm dead and gone
I know that time keeps moving
I know that life will go on

Will you have a memory?
Of things we used to do
Will you remember all the times?
When I said, that I love you

Or will I be forgotten?
Like yesterday's news
It's not for the dead to decide
It's the living who will chose


Comments about The Living Decide Who To Remember

It's not for the dead to decide It's the living who will chose- wow of forgetfulness it's wise poetic expression
Time keeps moving and it leaves a memory. We need to understand time of death, love, memory and emotion and sorrow. There is choice to remember. You can never be forgotten. An amazing poem is brilliantly penned..5 stars!

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