The Living Word

I thank God for the day I heard the proclamation of The Living Word.
Faith comes from hearing, my friend, hearing the very Word of God,
Now The Word goes with me always to be proclaimed wherever I trod.
I thank The Lord as The Living Word entered my heart the day I heard.

The Word is very powerful my friend, as sharp as a two-edged sword.
It penetrates to divide soul and spirit to the attitude of the heart,
Convicting one of what really matters, once The Spirit truly starts.
The Word will fulfill its purpose as The Living God is not ignored.

The Living Word can truly change you, with no doubt about its power.
It took me from a world of darkness, where I lived but had no sight,
And opened my eyes from spiritual blindness into a world of light.
Maybe if you heard The Word you would accept Him this very hour.

But how can they hear and believe if no one has been sent to preach?
How can they have the inner peace deep within that will never cease?
Beautiful are the feet of those who preach the Good News of peace.
That is why I so eagerly choose to seek any available heart to reach.

As you face life's final curtain The Word alone is full of certainty.
God has prepared a place in Paradise for all of those who are His,
And for the unwise, fools and scoffers, He's prepared a fiery abyss.
God's not hindered by your uncertainty and ahead for all is Eternity.

(Copyright ©04/2004)

by Bob Gotti

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