The Lock And The Key.

Poem By Whitney Cervantes

You have no idea,
what goes on in my head.
There are just so many things,
I think when I'm laying in bed.
Your my best friend,
no's true.
You're my favorite person in the world,
you may think I'm lying but you know how much I love you.
I would never lie to you,
about anything important.
Because I really do love you more than anything,
and can't.
But there's a part of me thats always been jealous of you,
and though you don't realize have so much more than me.
I'm not talking about just material things either,
but I've always been the lock and you were the key.
A key so mysterious,
what does it open?
A lock oh wow wut a frickin' help,
we need the key.
See all the guys like you,
they think your great.
and then me,
I'm just a friend and so I wait.
I love you to death,
but don't you see?
It's not your fault I have to wait but I'm tired of waiting,
and you brag right in front of me.
Now I know you don't mean to,
but your always talking about those guys...I get it, I see.
They love you so much...yea i know,
but none of the guys will ever love me.
Barely any of this is and ever was your fault,
but I wanted to show you some of guilt I had that was screaming to let you see.
You had no idea what went on in my head,
but now I hope you can see.
How much I love you,
and how much you mean to me.
Your my best friend the key,
that found the lock and finally opened me.

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