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The Logics Of Romantics
(April 16 1972 / Scotsboro, Alabama)

The Logics Of Romantics

Poem By Byron Headrick

My friend thinks he can choose who to fall in love
With and Pounce De Leon years ago searched for
Youth in a fountain drink. My friend ties knots in
Straws frustrated that I disagree and Pounce De Leon

Years ago heard rumors he chose to believe. My
Friend says he believes in the logic of romantics. Huh?
The logic of romantics: Flowers, wine, words at
The right time and Pounce De Leon years ago

Pursued an idea the Indians supposed was always
Just a little ahead. “Someday.” He said, “Someday”. My friend
Laughs when I mention that love when planned
Often fails and Pounce De Leon years ago – Never

Found but ended up dead in new world America. My
Friend flirts across the room, “Now that’s a girl
To Fall in love with”. Blonde with green eyes
And historians have found that the rumor

Of youth in a fountain that Pounce De Leon
Chose – Originated
In Europe, his home Spain. My friend thinks
That he can choose who to fall in love with –
The logic of romantics.

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Clever poem! I enjoyed the intertwined two thoughts into one poem. Well done! Warmest regards, CJ