The Lone Flower

You stand white amongst a sea of green,
Like a soldier holding an impossible position,
A victory, so very long to wait,
Reinforcements that never arrived.

You watch as friends are devoured,
Swallowed by the might of the green opponent,
You realize that you could be next,
Eaten by eternity.

You fondly remember the days long past,
When your kind ruled this small patch of life,
When green lived in peace with white,
Days, so very long past.

Now you find yourself waiting, wondering,
Asking the question that no one can answer,
When will it end?
Lately, you find yourself realizing, it won’t.

by Thomas Vaudin

Comments (2)

I analyze it as a stereotypical army taking over the army of individuality...... maybe I'm wrong (I usually am) . Great poem! ~Yams
you're right it won't end increadible poem i personaly adored it Eman Awad