The Lone Star

…Uncomfortable. Hot and tired
Couldn’t sleep, got up and looked around.
Sat-up in bed and looked out the window…

Listen to the wind blow…a bit strong.
Quiet night, looking out in the distant
“See the sky that never seems to go dark”
“I can see the out line of the mountain…
…The different shade of sky…”
Still the wind blows.

I can smell the dust from the window.
There is a light shining in the distance.
My vision then obscured by the curtains flapping in my face
I notice the laughs and voices of people.

I tilt my head and stare at a star
Out shining the others, like in a class of its own….
Gazing at it, I noticed something
It is in a field, a class of its own
It is distant from other stars

The feeling is deep
It was not just the star
It reminded me of someone
I saw him as I turned and looked onto the window of the second-floor room
He looked straight back at me.

I saw his face, saw three wrinkled line on it
His mouth, hard of a smile
It’s been long since a smile met the face
His eyes had a deep meaning
Like he has seen it all
Done it all…Judged it all
And have come to the end of life.

He looked cold and empty
“What is life? ”
One of the questions readable from his face
He felt totally alone
Like that star in the night
So was he, and in the dark.
He could relate to the star
The star unlike others around it, blinked not
He felt as dead as it was

Inside him, he felt some warmness
Almost the formation of a tear
But restrained it like he has done most of his life
Like he found some comfort in the dead star
He stared at it…

Midnight was nearby
Time to sleep
Find some comfort
And pray for a dream
In this world that Him alone seemed to live in.

by Obaro Useh

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