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The Lone Wolf

I am the lone wolf
Running through the forest
I used to have a family
But the hunter got them, and left only me.

I wander through the forest,
Alone without my pack.
I often think back to that day,
If I could only have them back.

Like a coward I did,
I ran and hid,
Leaving my family for dead.
If only I had not fled.

I walk along the river,
And guess who I see.
It's that same hunter,
He's come back for me.

I do not run away,
I do not show fear.
I know what will happen,
I will die right here.

I lie down before the hunter,
I know that I deserve it.
My family, I should not have deserted.

He points his gun at me,
And my last thoughts are,
'This could have all been avoided
If only I had not fled.'
The lone wolf is dead.

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