The Lone Wolf

Through the silence and the hate I passed no believers
To the blinders of my seeing.

Walked till gone was the bridge, a
River and a mountain of hope I'm told.

While wandering from forest to forest
I thought I saw my breath turn cold.

I could feel the lone wolf fly across
The snow with turns of grace so fast to meal.

Well fed it turned from my sight and was gone with
No trace, but its tracks to the river.

Suddenly I felt the wolf at my side; it was trying
Desperately to teach me how to sing.

Growling fiercely, then with as light sigh it touched me to tears.
So blind am I not to sing, so hidden my soul to feel free.

A note broke the silence of the cold, till suddenly
The lone wolf disappeared forever.

I sing you now the Wolf's Song.... let the feeling
Of hate go when you dance in harmony to Earth;

And know this, "Peace has always been around you, but
Your blinders hide it amongst the clouds I am today."

by Dennis Beus

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