The Loneliness Of Spring

Poem By Zhijian Jiang

The loneliness of spring,
Is a damp rainforest,
The rain's off and on, apparently severed, but actually connected,
The road in rainforest is muddy, tortuous,
Thriving, the occasional sunshine is broken.

The loneliness of spring,
Is a broad wetland,
It is overgrown with weeds, rugged,
The water of wetland is weird, unfathomable,
Flowers, plants, insects and snakes appear somewhere,
The occasional moonlight is broken.

Only your bright eyes, glaring,
Sneering at this secular hypocrisy, paranoid,
Watching silent, and deserted purity,
And the old be-betrayed beliefs.

The loneliness of spring,
In the shadow of pain and death,
Resolutely is a happy grave.

Comments about The Loneliness Of Spring

loneliness of spring, shadow of pain and death. absolutely a nice composition.
Speechless I am with this deep and poignant write! Your poetic talent is filtered through this powerful and thought provoking write! 10+++ Thank you for sharing! Keep it up my friend! Love and Peace for always! Romeo from New York City!

5,0 out of 5
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