The Lonely Beach

Oh, how I missed you, Lonely Beach,
Where I have left my soul,
The rugged rocks surround me,
I sit there, lost, alone.

Before me is the ocean,
The stormy Irish Sea,
It comes to me, I’m part of you,
And know, you’re part of me.

You send a wave to kiss my feet,
And then you back away,
You tantalise, you hypnotise,
You hold me, make me sway.

I grip the rock to steady me,
Lest I fall in too deep,
I’m lost in love for you now,
The way back now, so steep.

Another wave comes crashing,
Bestows a gentle kiss,
And now I get to taste you,
You linger on my lips.

I’m filled now with a passion,
For you, I can’t ignore,
I’m satisfied, contented,
And leave you on the shore.

by Linda Harnett

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IT reminds me of yesteryear, when life was spending time down the ocean, , , , , , , building things from sand, and hoping it would last forever.