Only One Black Rose On My Unholy Grave

Now when it is all dead, I see you.
You are leaving in my dreams, hanging from hearts string.
In addition, you singing old song for unhappy lovers and crying tears so black like your heart is. What are you waiting for? Come and take away my dreams of you, and give me a peace. Bring me only one black rose on my unholy grave, than pray to your God.
Pray that He adopt my sinned soul. Bring me tears, let them falling like drops of rain painted in blood. Fold your hands, rise them towards the heaven and weep your sadly poem. Now when it is all gone, come and bring me only one black rose on my unholy grave…. Again pray to your God and wish that my heart not started bet again. I am curse in your eternity, in your dreams in your reality and you do not have a choice then arriving to me with only one black rose and weeping for all time.

by Vanesa Rabic

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IT reminds me of yesteryear, when life was spending time down the ocean, , , , , , , building things from sand, and hoping it would last forever.