The Lonely Blue Eyed Girl

Poem By Sierra Staten

Bright Blue eyes,
And one small tear,
A beautiful fake smile
But her bodies full of fear.

People give her sympathy
But no one knows she hurts
She cuts her wrists wide open
And she lies down in the dirt.

She yells in an upward motion,
'Why Did You Have To Go? ! '
Although forever wondering
She can never know.

well every day and night
These blue eyes cry and weep
And the girl wonders if people know,
Her plans to forever sleep.

Comments about The Lonely Blue Eyed Girl

I was intrigued by the title and this did not disappoint, you capture your feelings with good deaph, just remember the pain goes away when you have the belief to make it go away (food for thought but I'm anorexic for that) . Otherwise keep on writing

5 out of 5
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