The Trumpet

Long before the century turned there was an instrument- a trumpet.
Its noise was loud yet subtle, proud and boastful but at the same time sneaky and quiet.
It brought comfort to adults; almost as if it were alive- a brave fearless knight in armor ready to protect them.
For the children it brought joy and laughter like a best friend at a party.

With fun, joy and laughter the trumpet was loved by all but the century turned and the laughter died.
The trumpet, long forgotten and left behind only to become as cold as a broken man’s heart.

It became crusty almost as if blood was once spilt on the fine instrument, blood on the metal that has long since soaked into the trumpet and disappeared just like its previous owners.

The trumpet is full of history; well used and worn yet once years ago it was loved and cared for by all.

The many layers on the brass instrument were once tenderly cared for by its owner but its owner faded from the living long ago and the instruments layers survived to reflect its musicians life- the life that once played its sweet sound and as long as its music is remembered it will never be forgotten

by Carrie Halliday

Comments (2)

I don't think guys realize the effect they have on us... You expressed yourself beautifully. Keep writing. -Kylie M. Lynch
There are many ups and downs in life Columbia and that is the way we learn. Keep an open mind but learn the lessons. I like yur Poem thank you for sharing it and keep on writing. Kind regards, David