The Lonely House-Wife

He calls it love working paying the bills
Her staying at home alone, with no skills
The coldness in their house, like an artic freeze
She tries her best to him appease
Day in day out with the routine
She stays to herself, not often seen
The blinds stay closed, not much light
Shes accepted this, it is to be her plight
He gets off work, comes home and watches t.v.
The house so quiet, just him and she
They go to bed, each on thier own side
He no longer cares to hold his bride
In the morning he will go back to work
Once again she will be alone, where bad thoughts lurk!

by Donna Nimmo

Comments (2)

Ouch, you know something of life. Does one have to suffer to be creative? I hope you have your 'Freedom as a Wife.' Not suffering.
Donna...I hope this was one of your earllier poems... Hugs, Dee