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The Lonely Lady
JH ( / Seattle, Washington)

The Lonely Lady

Poem By John Hybridge

She sits on a balcony overlooking a park
Her golden hair shimmering in the sunlit glow
With tears in her eyes she gazes below
Couples walking together with children in tow
She has known many men but now she is alone
She can't understand why love has past her by
Children play happily far, far below
She doesn't know if she'll ever have one of her own
She surrounds herself with work and with friends
But somehow they don't quite bring comfort from within
She yearns in her heart for someone to love
Someone who will care and love her for what she is
As the sun sets in the horizon she gets ready for bed
She closes her eyes as tears roll down the back of her head
Hugging a pillow that doesn't hug back
She is soon fast asleep sway from it all
Comfort she finds in the dream world she creates
Where everyone is happy and free from distress
Embracing her dream lover in a long awaited kiss
As her golden hair waves gently in the cold autumn mist

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