MC ( / Isles of Scilly living in Barbados)

The Lonely Of I Love You

Heat that feels like summer
drags sweat from pores
just hanging out
while I do nothing.
Lazy day with impulses
to work all unacknowledged
as I shut down the tendrils
that connect me to the world,
to life, to you.
I want to be alone today.
I want to feel the ache
of the abyss that calls
my name in serried echoes,
plaintive notes that plead
for me to join the throng
that envies me the heat of blood
the salt of sweat, the pulse
that stutters, stumbles
in its measured pace
as if it should feel guilt
for beating when so many hearts
lie silent in the empty halls
where heaven should have been
to greet them. I want to feel alone
away from all the gentle tugs
against the webs I spin
with every breath, each smile
each word of greeting
making links that never break
although they fade
like wilting flowers
if not cherished and renewed.
Strange to be seeking lonely,
a mood brought on by sultry air,
night looming like a frown
across the sky, while echoes
of I love you play across the webs
and in your absence make me
want to cry.

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