The Lonely Petal

The wind drew the calmness of the breeze and steady rain.
The branch swayed ever so slightly and the petals one by one drifted away.
The focus I had was on the two roses that seem to hold on so persistantly with will and power to stay.
As I laid in bed with the illness that slowed the beat of my heart every hour.
I felt like the petals grasping to hold on and not blow away with the wind.
Mom held my hand as I felt the wind blow stronger.
The last three petals were very red only two left now.
The cries of mother blend into the rain and one petal gets drenched in the darkness of the storm.
The last petal is very still and reaches out for my cry.
I drift into the night of darkness as the wind blows my last breath away with the lonely petal that no longer grasps the branch of life.

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Desperate one...but believe in my poems 'Hope ' or ' Life after Death' and you may know what I mean. Best Wishes, Ency Bearis
How sad. But even as we are blown away with the wind, we will be blown away into the arms of our Lord Jesus who will hold us for all eternity, and we will be a lonely petal no more. This is a very sad, emotional, and heartfelt piece. Thank you for sharing. Love & hugs, Barbara