The Lonely Planet

Poem By Vishal Vinayan

Can more beautiful this place be?
The world we live in, so happy and free
So caressing the nature’s smile
Who not embrace this wonderful style?

Home for the little creature
For Men, a respected teacher
So mysterious our planet Earth
On which takes place every Man’s birth

No words describe the Earth’s beauty
To protect her is every Man’s duty
But terrible the harm to her we cause
Alas! Who cares for this great loss?

Man has become the beast
With mercy not in the least
Slashing trees and burning forests
Wrath of God at its highest

This is no prediction of the future
But mere truth, now clear as a picture!
A century from this day
Cold and bare, before us the Earth will lay!

A planet as unique as Earth,
In the universe, so far known, is dearth.
That’s why it is known as lonely,
Earth which is the one and only!

Comments about The Lonely Planet

I would rate this as an excellent poem, Vishal. This poem is an eye opener to make the reader realize how important our own planet is, which is the main factor of our existence. Every one of us step on this precious Earth in every moment of our life and we don’t even still know or trying to know its unmeasurable influence in our life. Such acknowledgements or thanks giving poems are always appreciable and wish you all the best in your future creations. MOHAN KRISHNAN, ABU DHABI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

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