The Lonely Soul

So once again the music play,
Emontional melodies shedding tears,
A river of blood flowing from unwanted hands,
For so many years he walk alone,
His favorite song lost in time,
Capture old memories of blooming rose,
From far away he sung his song,
Untill the nights when dreams are broken,
Untill the days when knowledge are unspoken,
Shall then I`ll be free from this life misery,
All these years,
He suffer the tornments to the music of life,
All his life,
He will be no better then the ocean cry,
Cold, wet and lonely,
While others sail their boat on his tired back,

Who will understand the morning he woke up blind,
Just wanting to close his eyes to finish off what he left behind,
The night before,
The memories that still hunt him,
Like a book with no chapters,
No pages, no words,
Only his lonesome dropplet tears,
Writing his suffering through out these unwanted years.

Now he sit here by the pouring rains,
Under the gray morning rising stars,
Watching times go by,
Peoples driving to work,
In search of dreams and fantasy,
He sit here with this old mind thinking,
Life what will it bring to me,
And why this world is so cold and lonely,
He take out a cigarretes from his shirt pocket,
While taking the first drag,
He look up at the pouring sky,
And with a sad smile he said 'I`ll be alright'.

Look how fast summer has gone by,
Autumns has finally arrived in late october,
This oak trees in front of my house,
Have begun crying towards the winds,
Shedding their priceless childhood tears upon me,
While a new cycle of life has unfolded beyond me,
October, too, has come and gone,
Like a dreams with only few memories,

To all those who made him cry,
Just remember,
Before you and I die,
You will deserve what u gave to me in life.

by phung vo

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