The Lonely Tiger

Poem By jovan lopez

There is a lonely tiger
In the forest
Trap as can be

No escape where to go
Crying and crying
Trying to find his mama

But still lost
In the darkness of the forest
Like trapped in a box
With no way out
You can't see anything

And the moon rises up
So shining like a light

Seeing shooting stars everywhere
Everywhere you see

And dolphins jump up from the ocean
But the lonely Tiger is still lost
Making wishes to come back to his mom
Saying Mom mom I wish you were here

How could I be lost in this forest without you
By my side
Seeing the danger he must be
Until he found his mom
For the last breath he took

He was glad he found

Comments about The Lonely Tiger

Making wishes to come back to his mom Saying Mom mom I wish you were here wonderful imagination my dear poet. getting into the mind of the young tiger and projecting the desire to find the mum and the examples you use... this if fine. thank you very much dear poet. tony

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4,5 out of 5
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