The Lonesome Road

It is a lonesome road
That each of us is travellin'
Although at times
It may not so appear.

by Mike Barrett Click to read full poem

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After reading this poem I have a better understanding of why things happens the way they did and why people reacted the way they did. There is a profound lesson in this lovely poem. Thanks for the lesson.
lyrics that compells contemplation......musical in its rythm that gives company in the lonesome road of every beautiful and absolutely true.....
Hi Oladehinde, thanks for your kind words, most appreciated. I consider myself more a spiritual than a philosophical Soul. I shall, in the next day or two take some time to review and comment upon some of your poems. Cheers! PS: I'm not on this site every day but do visit it from time to time during the week.
We laugh, dine and dance together. Yet, the road on which travel is lonesome. We love, share and in each other confide. Yet, the road on which we travel is lonesome. Life, itself, is contrasting and ironical. Truly, sir, you are phenomenaly philosophical!
Hi Valsa, amazing how insightful most mothers are.....and it its always wise to listen to them, although as a teen I remember not admitting I was heeding my mum's advice since at that age one thinks he/she knows it all. Only around 25 I we developed an adult to adult relationship. I was then able to discuss many of the times when acting on her advice proved useful to me.
It is a lonesome road That each is travellin' Although at times It may not so appear But deep within your deepest self You know it's true It is a lonesome road That each is on. There is no other truth more solid than this! I feel that your mother stated the direct truth in the plainest way possible... Such random words when spoken out of conviction may sink deep and...... then surface up, may be after several years! It has happened here! Yes, inspite of everyone around us, we have to live our individual life all by oneself! !
Hi Marie, thanks for your kind words - much appreciated. We can agree to disagree on your NOBODY dies alone observation, yes, there may be spiritual guides or other loved ones there at the moment of passing, but the Soul in transition is the Soul that makes the other Soul but that Soul makes that Souls transition. That's the difference between our perspectives, at least as I see it. I'm one of those Souls who experiences Soul travel on a more or less periodic basis.....much of my poetry comes to me following periods of contemplation and thus is quite spiritual in nature. Thanks again....I'll check to see if you have any of your poems on this site and if so will, from time to time, comment on them. Cheers!
Hi Payal, I agree with your comments.....please see my note to Soul immediately below. Please don't see me as brilliant, I'm not. But I love God with all my heart, and it's my belief the brilliance you ascribe to me ought truly be ascribed to God. Sometimes I write with my head, sometimes my heart, but must often the poems come to me as is following spiritual contemplations using the Hu, a love song to God. (For more info on this, see the website. Oh yes, if spirit moves you, feel free to let your friends and family know I'm here on this site, and my own personal site, http: // Cheers and best wishes to you and yours for the coming New Year!
Hi Soul, thanks for your's appreciated. Sometimes folks get the idea that there's a lonliness in this poem. It's not intended that way. I too am fully aware that along the we meet meet and deal with countless and in fact are in some form of relationship....some deeply intimate and some most distantly remote. But even with that said we, each of us, is never exactly the other, and never will be. But that's OK....and a some time in eternity we come to the realization that the Self and the Other are One....not identical, but equality in the quality of being Soul, a unique particle of God's consciousness, God's beingness. Please, if you would like to, feel free to share my work with friends and family.
Yes we are born alone yes we die alone yes we breath alone yes we have feelings alone, but when we are born we are born with our mother when we breath, we breath with our love ones, when we have feelings we have them because of other people, every coin have its two sides in life on one side we are all alone and on other side we are all surrounded by our loved ones, a beautiful piece sir, there are two many poems but the one which makes you think and smile is the real poem, i must say you are brilliant sir
Yeah, life is like the lonesome road, and we are the one who ride on it, choosing way where to go...we born alone and die alone as you said..again i agreed but in the road sometimes we may find may people in their own journey...we may meet but in certain time we may say what you said we born alone and die alone...they may reach the destination or choose other way...just focus where we going one, and enjoy what we have chosen. When light stop from living on candles that is how we finally ended our days...till the dark return, shall we enjoy the brightness of our life...lonesome road, everyone knows...nice write Mike! _Soul
Hi Marvin, glad you enjoyed the read. You'll note that The Lonesome Road ends on a positive note. We're never alone really although we may experience feelings of being alone from time to time. If you enjoy my work, spread the word to friends and family. I'll check to see if you're on the site and, if yes, will review and comment on a few of your poems. Cheers!
Hi Suman, thanks for your comment...greatly appreciated. I shall look at and comment on, a few more of your poems shortly. If you're enjoying my work, please don't be shy to pass on the word to your friends and family. Cheers! Best wishes to you na d yours for the coming New Year!
Life is just a theatre & we play our role. Once our role is finished, we go back to house. As long as we stay in the stage, we get lost in the act and enjoy ourselves.................................logically inked, Dear Sir..................I am spellbound reading your write.
Or existence is unpredictable, each is on his own on how to survive this life.... lonesome road we may tread sometime but still let us also cherish the moments when we experience joy with ourselves and others, for nothing is perfect but given the chance to live is quite an experience!
Pradip, thanks for your comment, much appreciated.
the poem so cogently depicts the uniqueness of each individual, what's absolutely his own notwithstanding apparent resemblance.
A wondrful poem with a songlike refrain. Indeed we r all with our individuality even if we cross paths. Nice to read u again.
Alone in a world that is all about people and we are part of that, but we can only experience it as ourselves with the comfort of family and friends to guide and help us along the way. Beautiful and insightful write!
You are so true Mike! Each one is born alone and each dies alone. Though in death, there may be many as happens in a natural calamity, an accident or war, still it is a singular experience for each individual. Ofcourse there are others who come into our lives, sharing our joys and heart aches. Still everyone has his own individual lone existence. What you heard from your mother years back, lay embedded in your mind and now it has surfaced in the form of a beautiful lyric! Enjoyed much! ! Thank you for your great comment and the appreciation of my poems! I shall be visiting your site often!