O Rising Sun

Your bright beams bring darkness to earth
Equal to night you are in worth.

Darkness sways east to west ye know
Your beams don't seeds of goodness sow.

You get tired of spreading light
In the evening comes down your kite.

As you close eyes, darkness rushes
With strong arms to sea light pushes.

Stars remain trembling with high fear
As if their dark enemy was near.

Your beams never enter dark hearts
After centuries they aren't experts.

Human beings are closed like wood logs
Souls seem to have been drenched in bogs.

You take no pity on torn rags
Nor tear apart riches' big bags.

You don't make stoney hearts polite
Tasteless has become light's delight.

O Sun don't shed your rays on soil
Fruitless, no doubt, is your toil.

Man's heart is eclipsed O bight one
Useless have become many a sun.

Go and take rest in Night's calm lap
When you brighten heart of no chap.

by Prof Niamat Ali Murtazai

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