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The Long Wait- My Message To You
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The Long Wait- My Message To You

Quietly she sits and stares,
Long dark curly hair as still as her soul,
She wishes, longs, pleads for him,
But still he does not come.

What does she have to do to end this painful wait?
To embrace him with her tired heart,
She just wants him to know she's the one,
But still he does not come.

Five long years have passed and it has only just begun,
She knows she's five years too late,
Now it seems she's left with hate, but how much more can she take?
Still he does not come.

The girl is left longing, losing grip of hope,
So if you're out there be my hero,
Don't leave me, the girl, here so numb,
But still, he does not come.

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Until one can love ones self fully, love is not able to be found. To stand as a person full of self love first is a must. No love that is hidden is long term or worth the effort. Love is true, love is honest and love is free. So to waste time trying to ecourage someone who isn't interested is a recipe for disaster. It is a desperate plee by a lonely heart which is never worth it in the end. The hunt and the mystery of the unknown goes away and only hard truth and reality remain. They are nevr as good nor are they sustainable. Beware of a broken heart. Hugs Jan
This poem is dedicated to someone who has no idea about it, but i'm hoping they'll realise its about them and find a way to let me know. The 'ypoo' part may seem comical, but it's not intended to be, its the only way i can let this person know it's about them without causing trouble...