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The Long Walk Of The Alchemical Gambler

The path I am on
passes through every point in the universe.
In my dreams
Einstein mocks me
That could take a long time'
His knowledge of the universe seems bigger than the universe.

In my dreams
The particulate energies of my existence
scatter randomly
then suddenly freeze
at the moment of maximum randomness
exactly equidistant.

In my dreams
I see how little I can say about nothing
I can't stop thinking about nothing
The less I think, the more I am.
Descartes interrupts -' I should think not! '
then promptly vanishes into nowhere.

In my dreams
I float above
my supercool, superconductive
Biefield -Brown hv thruster
My mass changed, velocity static
I travel through time.

In my dreams
The boundary of the universe
is a fractal
expanding to accomodate knowledge of energy
The infinite enclosed in finite space.

In my dreams
There are no waves, light is not of two minds
enrgy flows through funnels
and like a giant pachinko game
finds its ethereal path blocked, forced to coagulate as matter
or bifurcate - casting interference patterns;
Blocked by eleven D superstring walls
enclosing an alternative dark mattered universe.

In my dreams
The probability something happens is one
the number of alternatives is infinite
heads, not heads, crashing, not crashing
the tips of my fingers inseperable from everything
the total matter of the Earth held in my hand.

In my dream
The alchemist walks up to the door
bottle of wine in hand
and sits at the table.
'I'll see your articles of faith
and raise you one grand unification theory.'
God rolls the dice.

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