The Long Way Home

Out my back door a peaceful stroll
Deep in the forest searched my soul
With God I sought to be alone
Today, I took the long way home.

So far from home this distant shore
My soul is weary of this war
Two years seems like a life-time gone
I dreamed about the long way home.

I do not hate but kill when near
Men just like me who live with fear
With little sleep, to danger prone
I walked again, the long way home.

From my death bed, a peaceful stroll
Today, I took the long way home.

by Chris Embrick

Comments (2)

Beautifully crafted well executed write. It captures the gallantry, suffering and fears of our men serving and protecting the nation. A gallant and amazing piece.10
From death bed a peaceful stroll is brought up ahead and this is really very amazing. Courage helps us to overcome from danger. This is brilliantly penned...10