MN (11-08-1970 / )

The Longest Minute Of My Life

He was going around the house
doing his normal routine
until he stood there
so still
grabbing his chest.
What’s wrong? ! ?

He tries to say “”It’s nothing””
but, the pain takes his voice
along with his breath.
It only lasted about one minute
but in that one short minute
I took an inventory of our life
I saw what was really important
And what wasn’t.

I saw our children
not one of them out of high school yet.
I saw our house
those little repairs that never seem to get done.
I saw our marriage
the one that nobody said would last.
I saw him
having the worst pain I’ve ever seen him have.

He made his way to the bedroom
And sat at the edge of the bed
Still holding his chest
If this is nothing
Where did the tears come from?
He is a big ol’ manly-man!
He never cries.
This was more than “”nothing””.

After the longest minute of my life
he stands up and says “”It’s gone””
but, for me, it’s not gone.
I refuse to be a widow at 35.
We have been through too much
to let unhealthy eating end
the life we’ve created together.

I just called him at work
to let him know I renewed
our membership to the YMCA.

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Comments (13)

Good idea... you can wear that pink sweat suit that he bought you for your birthday! An excellent poem on how fragile life can be, even for someone so strong. Brian
A real Mary poem, full of feeling and the goodness it comes from. I am still waiting for the sequel and detailed info. Best H
Gentle excercise of the heart is good in any form.I pray that he stays well.Love Duncan
He should see a doctor as well, he's lucky to have such a concerned wife, all such men are, I think wife is the first doctor.
for some reason after reading this, i thought, a little to real...............but true.
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